Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Giant Cookies!

So I found this website that had a recipe for giant Valentine's day cookies.
Kali and I decided to make some for the Grandparents. (And one for us!)

Kali is quite the helper in the kitchen.

Ready for the oven!

Yes we made them from scratch!

Kali in her cute apron from Aunt Carrie!

Me in my cute apron from Gwen!

We found these cool icing tips and squeeze bottles from Williams Sonoma, they worked great and were easy for Kali to use.
She did most of the decorating.

This one had chocolate ganache and the Japanese Symbol for love in butterscotch chips.

Kali showing off her handiwork.

I hope they taste as good as they look!

Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day!

Surprise Vegas Anniversary Trip!

Michael surprised me (he told me Friday night and we left Saturday) with a trip to Vegas for our third anniversary.
It was the best surprise ever!
We had a blast walking around, gambling and indulging in way too much food.
We didn't win a ton but we made enough to pay for a couple of dinners and a cab ride to the airport.
It was cold for Vegas and even rained a little but it was better than the snow we came home to!
Many thanks to Grandma and P-Pa for hanging out with Kali and running her around for a couple of days, we really appreciated the weekend off!

Our first morning in Vegas!

Across the street from the MGM Lion.

Michael at the M&M Store.

Me at the M&M Store.
All Kali wanted us to bring home was a bag of M&M's and she got her wish!

Posing as a roman goddess!

Those shoes didn't last long, I switched out to flip-flops about 30 minutes later... :)

Outside of our hotel our first night in Vegas!

We stayed at the Luxor the first time we went to Vegas too!

Christmas and Kali's Band Concert

The finishing touch!

Presents Christmas morning! We didn't have to wake Kali up this year, she got up at about 8:00.

(Chloe was looking for her presents too!)

Maggie had to get in the mix!

Kali with her new guitar.

Almost finished it just needs the star on top!

Michael and I with our beautiful and messy tree.

Michael and Kali with our Christmas tree.

First present of Christmas Eve... Kali was trying to open presents the afternoon of Christmas Eve and Gwen was encouraging her but she held out until about 4:30.

Kali and her BFF (Lauren) after their first band concert!

She doesn't look nervous at all!


So on Thanksgiving we had Mom take some pictures for our Christmas card and here are some of the results... Cute huh?

This is the one we used... the background is the street but since it was in black and white, everyone thought it was snow!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Kali making a snow family...

Me opening a present from Kali on my birthday!

Michael and I on my birthday...

Kali trying on the cutest light up Rudolph Hat and nose at Home Depot!

Kali the Red-Nosed Reindeer!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Today we woke up to snow!

So Kali and I made a snow family!

The one Kali is working on is supposed to be Chole the snow dog.

Kali and I just before Trick-Or-Treating! It was so nice out Kali didn't even have to wear a jacket, just a sweatshirt, what a nice change from most years.

Whoa! Scary Bat!

(Michael forgot to open his eyes)

Me chopping wood on our Junior Girl Scout Camping trip. It looks rustic, huh?

Some of the kids around our "fire" before the rain started.

Michael and I on his Birthday...

just before we went to the Rockies game with Sarah, Gwen and Dave.

Too sweet.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lame bloggers... Updates on the last six weeks

Hmmm... What have we done over the last 6 weeks??

Celebrated Kali's Ninth Birthday with cake...

Presents and friends...

Sent Kali and her friends to jail...

And got everyone's nails painted (fingers and toes)...

Kali enjoyed her present from us new bedding and decor... furniture courtesy G-Ma and P-Pa

Just before Kali's Birthday we went to Denver for a night and enjoyed the Botanic Gardens and had pizza with Aunt Sarah. The next day we went to Elitches and had a blast riding everything we could. Michael even rode the Tower of Doom which drops you 200 feet. Ahhh!! Very Scary!

Kali and Sarah playing an intense game of Guess Who? at the pizza place.

The 3 of us in the Japanese Tea Gardens.

Michael and Kali at the doorway to the Japanese Gardens.


A couple of days before we explored the Botanic Gardens, we visited the zoo... check out our cold weather gear. The temperature at the Gardens was at least high eighties, the day we spent at the Zoo must have been fifties and drizzling. Brrr!
Mid June in Colorado gotta love it.

Kali posing as a polar bear.

Michael and I caught in a spider web.

Kali and Michael on biggest chair around.

Kali weighing in at 44 pounds... not quite as a big as a gorilla.

Michael and I at the top of the Sky Ride. What a view of the Springs from up there.

Thinking of Aunt Carrie on her Birthday. We really did take these pics and make the sign on Carrie's Birthday we just didn't post them until almost a month later. Sorry Carrie, hope you had a great day!

Kali celebrating the last week of School.

Kali and her friend Lauren before their big performance at the school talent show. They sang Our Song by Taylor Swift in front of everyone at Howbert. They did a great job and weren't even nervous. (but their parents were!)